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Adrenaline Seeker? Auckland is THE Place to Go

by Sydney Bear, The Sebel Host | July 3, 2018

If you like your holidays with a healthy dose of adrenaline, Auckland is a thrill seeker’s paradise.

From bungee jumping to high-speed boating, there are all kinds of exhilarating things to do in Auckland. When it comes to action-packed New Zealand holidays, the city’s natural features and daredevil reputation make it a magnet for fearless travellers.

Treat yourself to an adventurous Auckland trip you’ll never forget by ticking these activities off your bucket list.

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is easily Auckland’s most iconic building. Measuring 328 metres tall, it’s the highest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere. See up to 80km in every direction from the tower’s top floor, from the skyscrapers in central Auckland to the volcanic fields in the distance.

Get your heart rate up with a gravity-defying stroll along the SkyWalk, a 1.2m-wide platform along the outside of the tower. With no handrail to hang on to, you’ll have to inch your way around the tower one step at a time (while strapped into a safety harness, of course).

For the ultimate adrenaline rush try the SkyJump experience where you leap off the side of the tower. Unlike traditional base-jumping (where you would need a parachute), jumpers are attached to a wire, ensuing their safety at all times.

Auckland Adventure Jet

To fit some sightseeing into your action-packed itinerary, the Auckland Adventure Jet can take you on a high-speed joyride around the city’s waterways. Zooming through Waitemata Harbour at 85km/h, this turbo-charged vessel performs gravity-defying fishtails and lightning-fast turns.

The joyride lasts 40 minutes and includes some of Auckland’s prettiest harbourside scenery. Travelling under the Auckland Harbour Bridge, passengers can catch a glimpse of famous landmarks as they skyrocket through the water. During your ride see landmarks such as the cliffs of Kauri Point, the Chelsea Sugar Factory and more.

The Auckland Adventure Jet operates all year round, with tours departing hourly between 9am and 5pm in summer, and 10am and 4pm in winter.

Waiheke Island Eco Zip Adventures

The Waiheke Island Eco Zip Adventures Tour offers a bird’s-eye view of Auckland’s stunning coastal region. If you’re a nature lover and a thrill seeker, it’s the best of both worlds. Designed to send you soaring over the treetops, the tour includes three flying fox style zip-lines. You can also take a 1.9km nature walk through the island’s ancient rainforest.

A haven of pristine coastline and towering rainforests, Waiheke Island is just a 35-minute boat ride from Auckland.

For the ultimate blend of adrenaline and indulgence, The Ecozip Wine and Dine Package includes a tour of Waiheke Island’s best wineries.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge is one of New Zealand’s most iconic adventure activities. The experience begins with a walk out to the Bungee Pod, the bridge’s purpose-built launch pad for bungee jumpers.

Once you’ve been fitted up to the bungee harness by your expert guide, the jump itself involves a 40m plunge towards Waitemata Harbour. You can even choose to touch the water if you want to – simply tell your guide and they’ll adjust the height of your jump.

Auckland Harbour Bridge is the only ocean-touch bungee jump in New Zealand.


Nothing can compare to the adrenaline rush of skydiving. If you can handle jumping out of a plane at close to 5,000 metres, Auckland provides the perfect backdrop for this thrill-seeking activity. Skydiving is the ultimate combination of pure adrenaline and tranquillity – after freefalling through the air at 200km/h, you can enjoy a peaceful parachute ride back to earth.

Auckland’s unique geography takes on an extra dimension from so high up, providing you with unparalleled views of New Zealand’s east and west coasts. While tandem skydives are by far the most popular, those looking to take the experience to the next level can learn how to skydive solo with one of Auckland’s skydiving companies who offer lessons for beginners.


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