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How to Feel Fresh from Day 1 of your Holiday

by Nell Cavallo | September 6, 2017

Long journey ahead? Arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to explore with these pro tips.

If you’re sick of long-haul flights or lengthy road trips leaving you feeling flat, try these top tips for feeling fresh when you arrive. Because the journey should never prevent you from enjoying the destination.
By following this before, during and immediately after your travel, you’ll find you have more energy to properly immerse yourself in your getaway. After all, you’ve earned your time off – so why not make the most of it?

When You’re Counting Down the Days…

While all the excitement of your upcoming adventure may make it hard to focus, the days leading up to your flight or drive are crucial for preparing your body for the trip.

Get Plenty of Rest

This goes double if you’re driving. Being well-rested is a must when it comes to preparing for travel. And don’t think that pulling an all-nighter will guarantee you’ll sleep during your flight – this could just leave you even more tired and prone to stress and illness. Get those z’s in before take-off!

Avoid Alcohol

The last thing you need is to risk being hungover and jetlagged. Alcohol can cause dehydration, which can make your muscles ache and affect recovery time. If your friends and family want to wish you ‘bon voyage’ the night before your departure, stick to non-alcoholic beverages. You’ll thank us later.

Skip the Coffee

The same goes for your favourite caffeinated brew. Caffeine also causes dehydration, so give coffee, soft drinks, and even chocolate the boot at least a day before your flight or drive. Now you have another reason to treat yourself while you’re away!

When You’re on Your Way…

Wearing your comfiest pair of trackies is a start, but there are a few other important tips to remember throughout your flight or drive to prevent any discomfort.

Stay Hydrated

Thanks to their recirculated, moisture-free air, airplanes especially dehydrate your skin and your nose and throat passages. Help protect from dehydration by applying a nourishing moisturiser before take-off, and multiple times throughout the journey with a moisturiser and lip balm (or something similar). Keep hydrated by drinking water and electrolyte drinks like they’re going out of fashion.

Have a Stretch

During your road trip, pull over every 2 hours and have a walk around to stretch your legs. If you’re flying, get up and stretch, and try some airplane stretches in your seat or while standing up.

Keep the Essentials Handy

Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes, and roll-on deodorant on hand for a freshen-up whenever you’re feeling a bit blah.

When You’ve Just Landed…

Congratulations – you made it! Hopefully the excitement of finally arriving at your destination far outshines your tiredness or sore muscles. And if not, you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time with these tips.

Move Your Body

There’s nothing like getting your body moving after sitting for a long period of time. Try a light jog or a yoga class to loosen up your muscles and joints and get your blood pumping. If you’re headed to Melbourne, check out the free yoga classes at Fed Square – one of our favourite free things to do in Melbourne, and a great way to get active after a flight or drive.

Have a Hearty Meal

Had enough of airplane food or roadside takeaway? Treat yourself to a decent meal in your new town or city to start things off on the right foot. You’ll find endless options of delicious eats at The Rocks in Sydney if you happen to be visiting NSW’s capital.

Unwind with a Treatment

Travel is a great excuse to treat yourself to a relaxing treatment. De-stress with a massage, facial, or even floatation tank therapy – you’re on holiday, after all!

With the right pre-trip preparation, some in-transit tips and a refreshing first day, you’ll be ready to make the most of your time away.

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