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Melbourne’s Most Delectable Dessert Destinations

by Sydney Bear, The Sebel Host | July 3, 2018

Melbourne is a haven for food lovers. It is home to a wide range of venues, from fine dining to themed laneway bars, bustling brunch spots to understated local haunts. No matter your dining preferences, dietary requirements or cravings, you will have no difficulty finding somewhere that will tick the boxes. If you have a soft spot for dessert and want to sample some of Melbourne’s best treats, here’s where you should eat. 


5 Lire, North Melbourne

Breakfasts inspired by desserts are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re going to start the day the sweet way, don’t hold back.  5 Lire in North Melbourne know a thing or two about balance, dividing their menu into two sections – ‘sweet tooth’ and ‘savoury bites’.

The Ricotta Hotcakes go down a treat, topped with a Nutella semifreddo, Pariya Persian chocolate fairy floss and chocolate cacao and orange crumble on top.  Go to 5 Lire hungry  or order a serve to share with your brekkie guest if you’re feeling generous.

Also try: Fairy Floss Dessert Burger at Long Story Short Cafe, Port Melbourne


Tipo 00, Melbourne CBD

This busy Italian restaurant is known for its exquisite pasta dishes and its delectable version of Tiramisu, ‘Tipomisu’.  As the signature dessert on the Tipo 00 menu, you can tell that a whole lot of love has gone into it. And while the traditional flavours of chocolate, coffee and mascarpone are all present, this modern variation of the classic takes its own twist. Order it when you’re in town next to see what the fuss is about.

Also try: Sizzerling Roti at Son in Law, Collingwood


Dex2Rose, Melbourne CBD

For a unique dessert experience visit Dex2Rose and order a serve of ‘Mist in the Woods’. This immersive and indulgent hot chocolate set comes complete with a lightly spiced hot chocolate accompanied by a side of salted caramel gelato; an upturned glass  filled with rosewater liquid nitrogen (lift it to release the ‘mist’ for the full theatrical experience), raspberry drupelets and homemade marshmallows that you can toast at your table.

Dex2Rose also serve exciting gelato creations from Nutella Floatella and Spiced Lemon and Olive Oil to Unicorn Party!

Also try: Campfire Hot Chocolate at Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse, North Melbourne


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Crown Melbourne - Southbank

Celebrating a special occasion or looking for a splurge? Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Crown Casino is the ultimate destination to do so. Work your way through the extravagant menu and ensure you leave space for the final (and arguably most important) course – dessert. To finish your Dinner experience order the tipsy cake, complete with spit roasted pineapple. Soaked in brandy and cooked to perfection, this spongy brioche masterpiece will not disappoint.

Also try:  Dessert Degustation at Om Nom, Melbourne CBD


Girls and Boys, Fitzroy

This plant based dessert bar aspires to satisfy the bellies of vegans, the health conscious and the food intolerant. Run by the same people behind popular vegetarian and vegan hangouts Transformer and Vegie Bar, the desserts at Girls and Boys bring back fond memories of Mr Whippy van eats, only with a healthier offering. If you try one thing, it has to be the Girls and Boys soft serve, made from coconut milk and organic brown rice syrup.

Also try: Assorted cakes and chocolates at Pana Chocolate, Richmond


Milk the Cow, Carlton and St Kilda

If you’d rather consume something savoury instead of sweet, a visit to Milk the Cow is in order. With two locations either side of the CBD, one in Carlton and another in St Kilda, north siders and south siders alike will be able to get their cheese and liquor fix. Order a platter or pick your tipple of choice which will be perfectly paired with a selection of cheeses.

Also try: The cheeseboard at Meatball and Wine Bar, Windsor, CBD, Collingwood and Richmond


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