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Explore Trekking & Hiking in Auckland

by Sydney Bear, The Sebel Host | September 24, 2018

Visiting Auckland? Discover this stunning city and its surrounds by adding these trekking and hiking expeditions to your itinerary.  

Don’t let your trip to Auckland pass by in a whirlwind of perfunctory sightseeing. We know there’s a lot to see and do in this famously picturesque region, but exploring Auckland on foot can help you better appreciate its beauty.

Coast to Coast Walkway

Winding through 16 kilometres of parks, gardens and streets, the Coast to Coast Walkway reveals the most fascinating landmarks – both natural and manmade – Auckland has to offer. The start in Manukau Harbour and  weave your way around Jellicoe Park, One Tree Hill, Mt Eden and Auckland Domain, finishing at Waitemata Harbour.

The Coast to Coast Walkway features:

  • Old buildings that provide a glimpse into Auckland’s history
  • Gorgeous gardens and parks
  • Exquisite views and
  • Several challenging climbs (particularly Mt Eden and One Tree Hill – but the panoramas from each summit make the hike well worth it!)

This trek can be completed in one day or two, depending on how intense or leisurely you’d like it to be.

Don’t worry about packing snacks – there are plenty of fantastic cafés and restaurants along the way.

Auckland City Heritage Walks

Despite being renowned for its geothermal attractions and rugged coastline, Auckland is also steeped in history. Whether you want to delve into the region’s rich past or discover some of its most postcard-worthy places, embarking on an Auckland City Heritage Walk is a great way to find your way around town.

Taking around one-and-a-half hours to complete, this walk is divided into three areas:


Encircling the city’s historical waterfront, original foreshore and harbour, downtown Auckland’s heritage walks are perfectly suited to history buffs. Learn about the harbour’s role in shaping Auckland’s past or explore famous local areas and key developments in the city.


Home to some of Auckland’s oldest buildings, the midtown district has architecture dating back to colonial times. Strolling through this part of town is a great way to explore the cultural heart of the city without getting lost.


As the city’s main entertainment precinct, uptown Auckland is packed with restaurants and theatres. The Auckland Art Gallery and Town Hall are just some of the highlights featured on heritage walks in this area.

You can see the full range of Auckland Heritage Walks on the Auckland Council website.

Te Henga Walkway

If you’re seeking peace and quiet, the Te Henga Walkway follows a secluded section of Auckland’s coastline. Part of the Hillary Trail, which connects several hiking routes, much of this walkway is surrounded by untamed wilderness.

Zigzagging up rugged coastal cliffs and stone stairways, the Te Henga Walkway can get quite steep in places. The track’s shortest course only takes around two hours to complete, but there are longer routes available for more experienced hikers.

Regardless of how far you’re planning to walk, be sure to keep your camera or phone at the ready. This trail passes some of Auckland’s most beautiful bays, including Bethells Beach and Muriwai Beach, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture the region’s raw beauty.

Mercer Bay Loop Walk

Offering panoramic views of Auckland’s rugged landscape, the Mercer Bay Loop Walk takes trekkers up some of the tallest coastal cliffs on the North Island. If you can brave the dizzying heights, the highest point on the trail is a great spot to watch the sun go down.

Open in all seasons, the Mercer Bay Loop Walk takes around one hour to circumnavigate. If you’re looking for fun outdoor activities in Auckland, there’s a picnic area halfway around the loop where you can sit back and marvel at the scenery.


Can’t wait to break in your hiking boots and start exploring Auckland on foot? Explore the range of Sebel Hotels and Apartments today to start planning your adventure.


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