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What to Pack when Staying in an Apartment on your Next Holiday…

by Sydney Bear, The Sebel Host | September 24, 2018

There’s nothing quite like holidaying in a well-appointed apartment. With all the space you need to relax and unwind, this type of holiday accommodation offers an exceptional standard of privacy and comfort.

The only catch to staying in an apartment? Knowing what to pack! While all our holiday apartments come equipped with modern amenities, you can take your stay to the next level of comfort by bringing a few of your favourite things from home with you.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to preparing for apartment accommodation, we’ve compiled the ultimate packing list that will amplify your apartment experience.

Board Games

Regardless of your destination, every good holiday has a little downtime. If you’re looking for an activity to fill any idle hours in your schedule, board games are a great source of good old-fashioned fun. From classics like Monopoly to contemporary favourites like Scythe, the novelty of a good board game never wears off.

Unlike watching TV, board games have a way of bringing people together. Whether you’re travelling with family or friends, this wholesome form of entertainment can keep you and your travel companions entertained for hours.

Homely Touches

Feel at home by bringing along some of your most-loved creature comforts. Simple items like your favourite coffee mug, slippers or a book to enjoy when you return after a day of exploring can take your stay to the next level of relaxation.

Of course, nothing sets the mood quite like music. Make your apartment your own by packing a portable speaker that you can play your favourite songs on.

Kitchen Essentials

Trying new foods and restaurants can be one of the most exciting aspects of going on holiday, but the occasional home-cooked meal goes a long way, especially on a longer stay. Some of our spaces feature equipped kitchens, so you can whip something up whenever you’re not in the mood to eat out. To ensure you have all the equipment on hand to make your favourite food, be sure to pack any special kitchen utensils.

Whether you can’t cook without your knife, you’re addicted to your mini stovetop espresso maker or you love squeezing fresh orange juice with a manual citrus juicer in the morning, packing your favourite kitchen accessories will make you feel right at


Even if you’re not planning to do any cooking in your apartment, you can still stock the fridge with your favourite snacks. Having some cheese and crackers to nibble on between meals will keep hunger pangs at bay, and you won’t have to venture out for food every time you start feeling a little peckish.

Discover your destination’s culinary delights by creating your own cheeseboard using local produce. Here’s how.

Fitness Accessories

If you’re trying to stay in shape during your travels, dedicate a corner of your apartment into a home gym. By packing a yoga mat and a few other fitness accessories such as hand weights or a skipping rope, you’ll have everything you need to fit a quick workout into your daily itinerary.

Maximise the efficiency of your exercise regime by focusing on core workouts that can be done in smaller spaces. Simple moves like lunges, squats, push-ups and planks are great for home exercise routines, while starting the day with some yoga and light stretching will refresh your body and mind.


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